What We Believe


God is the ultimate Creator Being. Everything in the universe exists because of and is sustained by Him. He knows everything, sees everything, is everywhere, is dependent on nothing and no one, and exists completely outside of the limits of time. He exists in 3 equally divine, mutually submissive, persons called the Trinity -‐ the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit.


Jesus is one of the persons of God in the Trinity. He is fully God and at the same time became fully man, leaving His place at the right hand of God and coming to earth as a baby in a specific time period in history. He grew to be a man and lived a sinless life. He spent 3 years doing public ministry where He proclaimed the coming of God’s Kingdom by teaching, healing the blind, lame, deaf, and sick as well as performing other miracles to prove his authority over everything. His ultimate mission in the world was to bridge the gap between God and man. He fulfilled this mission by suffering and dying on the cross as the substitute for the punishment that man deserved to endure. This satisfies God’s wrath for those who receive and submit to Christ as their Savior and Lord. After 3 days of being dead, Jesus defeated death and sin by being raised back to life. He appeared to many witnesses on earth before returning back to Heaven with God the Father. He is the only mediator by which man can be saved and have a right relationship with God.


The Holy Spirit is given to those who receive Christ as their Savior. He is a person of the Trinity that exists to draw unbelievers to Christ and help those who are believers of Christ, either by the conviction of wrong or encouragement in right. The Holy Spirit speaks to the believer in many different ways, but He is most often sensed through a nudge of the heart or conscience. He also equips believers for their role in the advancement of the Church.


Man was created by God for God’s pleasure and placed on earth to oversee its resources Man’s ultimate purpose in life is to please God. Man receives the fullness of Joy when his life is given to the Glory of God. Although man was created in God’s perfect image, beginning with the first man – Adam. He rebelled despite the enormous amount of protection and provision gave to him by God. This severed the relationship between man and God resulting in sin entering into the world and mortality for man.


Salvation from sin and God’s wrath cannot be achieved or earned by man’s “good works”. Good doesn’t look so good in the light of a perfect God. Therefore, salvation can only be received as the Bible says, by grace through faith. It is by God’s grace (giving man something he doesn’t deserve) that He sent his
son, Jesus, to die for man and mend the relationship between God and man. Those who submit to Jesus as their Savior and Lord and believe that God raised Him from the dead will be saved.


The Bible is God’s actual word to man and the ultimate authority on truth. Imperfect men under the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit wrote it with no errors and no faults. The Bible consists of 66 books in what is called the Canon. The books, over time, have been tested and approved to be the books that God wants his people to have as His Word to them. The Bible gives the account of God and man and how God reconciled man back to Him through His son Jesus. (See beliefs on God, Man, Jesus Christ, and Salvation.)


Baptism is an outward physical symbol, of an inward spiritual transformation that has taken place in someone’s life. The Bible instructs that Baptism is only necessary once and is the first step for a believer after Salvation. The Bible also gives no example of Baptism being anything other than by being fully immersed in water and brought back up. Therefore, Resonate Church practices believer baptism by immersion. Jesus also demonstrated and instructed this.


The Church is the only thing Jesus left behind for us. It is not a building or a service but rather a group of people who have professed Christ as their Savior and Lord. He established the Church as his “bride” and the way by which God will spread the message of Jesus Christ and reconciliation. God promises that he will build and sustain His Church through Godly men and women. The church will always remain no matter what other institutions, empires, or kingdoms fall throughout.