Why Janesville?

The past six years have been outstanding ministering to and reaching students in Monroe, WI at Monroe Bible Church. We had no inkling to move, we have been blessed with a healthy, supportive, and loving church family to serve in. Yet there was always in the back of my mind the day that would come that God may call us to something different. Planting a church was not much of a thought, ever. But God had different plans for us.

As my wife, Meranda, and I was talking one weekend with a good friend and ministry colleague, he asked us if the two of us had ever considered starting a new church. We both somewhat ignored the conversation because there was one thing we both knew, planting a church was not in our near future. I mean look at our family! While it may not have been in our plans, God had other
plans for us. After that conversation we had with a friend, we had 3 of our well-respected mentors ask if we have ever considered church planting. A simple conversation with a friend became confirmation for us that God was calling us just when we thought He never would plant a church.

We prayed immensely, asking God for more confirmation. And He did just that. In the next few months, God began to use us to develop relationships with people in Janesville and created a pull to Janesville that we couldn’t resist any longer. God had officially placed and confirmed the call to plant a church in Janesville, WI.

As we began studying the city of Janesville, our hearts were opened up to the needs of the community. It was revealed to us through prayer and results from doing a demographic study, God was calling us to help restore, love, support, and encourage families in Janesville. Meranda and I both have a deep passion for developing and demonstrating a healthy, Godly family and an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. That’s been our overwhelming feeling as we ask God to reveal to us how He wants to use us in Janesville.

We feel called to reach out to build genuine relationships with Jesus Christ and Janesville. We hope you’ll prayerfully consider partnering with us in taking the power of the Gospel to a city that desperately needs it!